onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Underbara siden klänningar fran Johnny Was - Wonderful silk dresses from Johnny Was

Vi har börjat fa in nytt i butiken ifran Johnny Was.
Deras vackra klänningar i siden med coola färg kombinationer och mönster.

Detta är Johnny Was egen presentation fran deras hemsida.
"Johnny Was Collection –

Think … ultimate creations for urban bohemians, and you will find the Johnny Was Collection by designer Biya Ramar. Biya infuses this timeless collection with a passion for women whose lifestyles embrace originality and creativity. Biya’s inspiration is derived from traveling the world and experiencing a variety of cultures.
Founded in 1987 by the Levite family, the Johnny Was Collection is a beautiful, feminine, contemporary wardrobe for the modern woman. The emphasis lies on vintage-inspired pieces in easy-to-care-for fabrics that are luxurious to the touch. Signature prints and embroidered, washable rayon georgette, silk twill and airy cotton voile have distinguished Johnny Was as a mainstay in the fashion industry and heralded design house.
This collection is designed for women who are confident, fun, and about attitude not age; they desire to make an individual statement expressed through personal style. Transcending a trend-driven society, Johnny Was is on the pulse of meeting the needs of today’s women by offering unique, quality pieces.
These vibrant silhouettes infused with intoxicating color combinations express harmony and beauty by the soul of an artist through her design. We invite you to experience the world of Johnny Was and visit a retailer nearest you."

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej!!!
    Jag såg på nyhetsmorgon i går (25 aug) och då hade Anna som läser upp sporten en super fin blus/tunika från Johnny. Har ni den? Den gick i rosa vitt o svart v-ringad med lite spets.
    Hälsningar Pia Lotta från Malmö

  2. Hemskt ledsen Pia Lotta men jag har ingen aning om vilken blus det var!
    Lägger in bilder pa det som finns nytt i butiken ifran johnny Was sa ser du sjalv!


    /Nina B