torsdag 17 november 2011


Dear All,

We apologize that we haven't been very active here latley BUT we have good reason!

Nina B Fashion Boutique is growing and so does the blog. 
We´ve decided to make a real webpage and within the next year, open up a webshop for all our clients that can´t visit our beautiful boutique here in Marbella.

The new website and blog can be found here above.
Looking forward to see you all on the other site!!!

Nina B Team

tisdag 15 november 2011

Italian Brand H.eich

The Italian brand H.eich always makes nice clothes!  
The over all feeling of this brand is the inspiration from the 80's, updated with a touch of avant-garde details. The collections are characterized by nice details, delicate prints and embroideries.
In Each collection there is a small vintage party where the designers have "reused" old prints and patterns.

H.eich, with it's eclectic style is always right to wear during the day as well as on a night out!

Find it at Nina B Fashion Boutique.

Shirt 149

Sweater in brown 159

Cardigan 129

Jacket 279

Sweater with top 159

Cardigan with belt 259

Jacket 229

torsdag 10 november 2011

Custommade at Nina B

We all have our favorite brands here at Nina B and one of mine (Linda) is the Danish brand Custommade.
Custommade is a brand in a league of its own that does not bend to the ever-changing demands of trends. With its clean Scandinavian design, uncompromised quality and edgy details, every piece of Custommade’s clothing is a perennial fashion piece; the new modern classic.

The clothes embody the vibrant and stylish women of today that appreciates great style over fashion fads.

You have to love it!

Sweater 229€

Cardigan long sleeves 145€
(My favorite cardigan this winter!)

 Cardigan short sleeves 145€

 Blouse 179€

 Tunic/Dress 105€

 Scarf 95€

 Scarf 169€

 Blouse 169€

 Skirt 119€

Cardigan 109

onsdag 9 november 2011

To our Hanky Panky Fans

Lots of new, nice, things from Hanky ​​Panky!  
Bras, Low Rise, Original Rise, Colour Play and sexy, cute boxes for gifts and christmas presents!

You´ll find it all at Nina B. 

tisdag 8 november 2011


Don't miss the latest bracelets from Zenzez, The last ones we sold out in a week!
Beautiful and with a very good price.

Remember, if you´r not able to visit our shop you can always order the clothes and jewelry online thru the blog.