torsdag 10 november 2011

Custommade at Nina B

We all have our favorite brands here at Nina B and one of mine (Linda) is the Danish brand Custommade.
Custommade is a brand in a league of its own that does not bend to the ever-changing demands of trends. With its clean Scandinavian design, uncompromised quality and edgy details, every piece of Custommade’s clothing is a perennial fashion piece; the new modern classic.

The clothes embody the vibrant and stylish women of today that appreciates great style over fashion fads.

You have to love it!

Sweater 229€

Cardigan long sleeves 145€
(My favorite cardigan this winter!)

 Cardigan short sleeves 145€

 Blouse 179€

 Tunic/Dress 105€

 Scarf 95€

 Scarf 169€

 Blouse 169€

 Skirt 119€

Cardigan 109

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