tisdag 15 november 2011

Italian Brand H.eich

The Italian brand H.eich always makes nice clothes!  
The over all feeling of this brand is the inspiration from the 80's, updated with a touch of avant-garde details. The collections are characterized by nice details, delicate prints and embroideries.
In Each collection there is a small vintage party where the designers have "reused" old prints and patterns.

H.eich, with it's eclectic style is always right to wear during the day as well as on a night out!

Find it at Nina B Fashion Boutique.

Shirt 149

Sweater in brown 159

Cardigan 129

Jacket 279

Sweater with top 159

Cardigan with belt 259

Jacket 229

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  1. Hej
    Jeg er interesseret i at købe den Odd Molly Sumthing Dress du har til salg :)
    Er den solgt?

    Måske vil du kontakte mig: annette1968@gmail.com